Our Guarantee

If WMR Firearms sells you anything that is not as good or better than described (mechanics and cosmetics), we will refund your purchase price.

Placing an Order

Interested in buying a firearm from WMR Firearms? Simply fill out the form under the firearm that you’re interested in, and we will email you with information about the next steps involved in placing your order. WMR Firearms accepts credit cards, US Postal Money Orders and Bank Checks.


We abide by all laws and BATFE regulations applicable to firearms.

Rating System

While we take great care to individually describe each piece, our general criteria and rating system is:

  • New: Unissued
  • Excellent: Slightly used, few or no dings in wood, bluing remaining, slight edge wear possible
  • Very good: Some dings in wood, most bluing remaining, no pitting unless noted
  • Good: Dinged/some damage to wood, but no cracks. Some bluing, may have minor pitting.
  • Fair: Well worn

Thanks for thinking of us and thanks for your patronage!